**NOTE: Abeille kid sized headwraps are identical to the adult sized wraps, but they are 16 inches wide and 35 inches long. They do not come pre-wrapped, so you are able to create various styles with it. **

We recommend this size for ages 0 months-4 years old. It primarily depends on the size of the child’s head. Please order at your discretion.  


“Verchelle” is Michelle with a V, and it means Gift from God. This headwrap is named after one of my closest friends, who is determined, a diehard Rattler, and loves her family---like me.  


The wrap contains the colors: orange, green, aqua, and  black.


  • This is a polyester blend fabric, that should be machine washed cold, air dried and iron on low.

© 2018 Melissa A. Mitchell 

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