“Tanffanie” means manifestation of God.  


This kimono is named after my  coworker turned real life friend. Between sharing memes,  tears, and laughter throughout the day, we have been each other’s lifelines over the years.


The kimono contains the colors: orange, gold, fuchsia, pink, turquoise, blue, yellow, white, and black.


  • Size: One Size fits MOST **
  • Dimensions:

      - Width- 54 inches 

      - Length- 50 inches

      - Sleeve Opening- 13 inches 

  • Fabric Description: Chiffon

Tanffanie (Sheer Kimono)

  • This is a polyester blend fabric, that should be machine washed cold, air dried and iron on low.

© 2018 Melissa A. Mitchell 

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