“Annette” means favor and grace.  This design is named after one of my friends who has a heart of pure gold. Her love for God and others will bring you to tears.   


The Satin Coat contains the colors: orange, pink, turquoise, blue, yellow, purple, white, and black.


  • Size: One Size fits MOST **
  • Dimensions:

      - Width- 30 inches (Across the back) 

      - Length- 36 inches

      - Sleeve Opening- 10 inches 

  • Fabric Description: Satin
  • Product Highlight: IT HAS POCKETSSSSSSSSS!!!! 



"Jo Coat" ----The Coat of Many Colors Collection


This collection is very near to my heart, because the Story of Joseph in the bible is one of my favorites. I remember my father vividly giving me a pep talk about being different and understanding the favor on my life. He said, " you may not know or feel it now, but one day. its all going to makes sense (and cents). You are being prepared for greater". 


I held on to this affirmation over my life since that moment, and I carry it with me even today. When I first began creating wearable art, it was bigger than fashion, it was about adorning people with favor.  Every person that wears my creations feels regal. significant, and unique. 


I have affectionately named this satin, kimono style jacket, "The Jo Coat".  In the story of Joseph (Genesis 37:3), his father adorns him with a coat of many colors to signify his favor and individuality. It was also a reminder of God's plans for his life. I wanted to create this "Coat of Many Colors" collection to remind people that it's OK to be "you". Everyone needs to know that the world needs them exactly the way that they are. 


When you rock a Jo Coat, you're  walking upright in purpose and promise. 

Annette Jo Coat ( Satin)

  • This is a polyester blend fabric, that should be machine washed cold, air dried and iron on low.