Melissa Mitchell is an Atlanta-based, self-taught artist, who has a love for vibrant colors, unique shapes, and bold dark lines. She attributes her Bahamian heritage, melodic sounds and the colorful world around her as her greatest inspirations.  Since February 2014, she has created over 500 original art pieces, painted over 40 larger than life murals, has been featured in various articles including The Huffington Post and sold custom pieces housed around the world.  More recently, she has brought her art pieces to life by turning her favorite paintings into unique head wraps, pocket squares, socks, bow ties, home décor and specialty textiles. Launched in 2016, her Abeille Creations’ head wraps have been seen on the likes of Lupita Nyong'o featured in Vogue Magazine and she had an exclusive partnership with Smitten by Yandy Smith of reality television fame, to name a few.  Last year, her work was also showcased in ESSENCE Magazine’s ‘My City, My Way’ tour stop in Atlanta, GA. 


She specializes in creating one-of- a-kind pieces for homes, offices, and other personal spaces for her clients. She aims to curate pieces that evoke emotion, serve as a “light source”, speaks to the soul, but above all-- -- -inspire people to follow their passions and cultivate their dreams. Melissa is known as the “Kaleidoscope of Hope”, because she brings joy through her use of colors. Anyone that experiences something she has created will find comfort in knowing that there is nothing else like it in the world.


Melissa says, “Art has single-handedly changed my life and the way I live it. It is like love, you make it what you want. It makes you feel things you can’t always describe; so you’re left to just relish in the beauty of it.” She is currently working on expanding her portfolio globally and developing significant artistic collaborations with other artists, corporations, major fashion houses and brands.




Sharon Mitchell      Chief Encouragement Officer (CEO)

Michael Mitchell     Chief Heavenly Officer (CHO)    

Melanie Mitchell     Operations and Social Media Lead                   


LaTrease Clark        Visual Stylist & Merchandiser   



Ryan Coleman        Photography & Production (@Ryanlifto)

Allen Rome Batty    Photography & Production (@LifeIsArt_Films)

Lennox Reid           Photography (@LennoxAve)

Jean Altidor           Photography (@DenimMedia)

Shekeidra Booker   Photography (@SMarchePhoto)


For All Communication & Media Needs, Please Contact:

Monique Mitchell    Director of Communications & Lead Publicist 



© 2018 Melissa A. Mitchell 

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